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Favorite Reads of 2018: a quick rundown of what I loved reading last year.According to Goodreads, I read 127 books in 2018. Most of those were full-length fiction. A handful were comic books. A few more were short stories. Slow year for non-fiction, since I had ovarian cancer and wasn’t feeling up to thinking hard most of the year. I’m free and clear now, so look out 2019! This is mostly for my own purposes, but in case anyone is interested, here are my favorites of…View On WordPress [Sat, 05 Jan 2019 18:07:16]
taiey: So must we all. She persisted.  [Tue, 05 Jun 2018 21:20:30]
Inspirational. [Tue, 05 Jun 2018 18:40:31]
dappyhappy: [insp] Something we can all use to remember.  [Tue, 05 Jun 2018 16:51:04]
Veronica Schanoes, “Ballroom Blitz” – WOD #3“Ballroom Blitz” by Veronica Schanoes. Art by Anna and Elena Balbusso. And the girl in the corner said boy I want to warn you It’ll turn into a ballroom blitz. – The Sweet, “The Ballroom Blitz“ This story‘s harder than “Burning Girls” also by Veronica Schanoes. Harder in that its words are sharper, uglier, darker, but also because it’s more honest, which makes it harder to process. “Burning…View On WordPress [Sun, 11 Mar 2018 14:43:26]
Veronica Schanoes, “Burning Girls” – WOD #2“Burning Girls” by Veronica Schanoes. Art by Anna & Elena Balbusso She’s just a girl, and she’s on fire… She’s living in a world and it’s on fire – Alicia Keys, “Girl on Fire“ “This is no place for a girl on fire.” – Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, based on the book by Suzanne Collins. Veronica Schanoes‘s “Burning Girls“, available for free on Tor.com, isn’t the story I…View On WordPress [Fri, 09 Mar 2018 13:45:45]
Harry Turtledove, “Shtetl Days” – WoD 1Harry Turtledove’s “Shtetl Days” – the book cover. Lately, I’ve been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be… – One Republic, Counting Stars Counting stars. Lucky ones, that we’re not living in The Reich as imagined by Harry Turtledove in “Shtetl Days.” But also gold ones, on the coats of men like Turtledove’s Veit Harlan, or worn by Billy Joel in memory of pogroms past and a…View On WordPress [Thu, 08 Mar 2018 14:52:08]