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What can you expect in a book by me? That's a good question. Let me know if you come up with a succinct answer. The best I can do is "words".

That's not quite as facetious as it sounds. Bestie Lily Edwards sometimes calls my writing "travel poetry." What she means, I think, is that I choose words to create ambience, combine them in ways that make new meanings (and give my editors fits), rhythm and cadence can be as important as actual text, and sometimes I string a lot of very similar words together to add layers and nuance. (QED?)

The thing is, I love words. I love what you can do with them. But I loathe the limitations of them. Why do I have to speak and write in English, when Italian has the perfect word for what I mean? Why use a color adjective when sometimes a flavor is more descriptive or vice versa. If I say something tastes purple, I bet a lot of readers imagine things like the grape Dimetapp their mom gave them as kids, or a grape popsicle that doesn't really taste grape, just purple. 

So, yeah. My books have words in them.

They also tend to have sex in them. I don't just mean that there's fucking going on. That's pretty much a given. As far as I'm concerned, people are often at their most interesting when they're naked with one or more other people. Vulnerability and arousal can have pronounced effects on honesty or lack of. I like to know what my people are like during sex, because it tells me who they are.

But they also have sex in them. And by that, I mean that they're getting down and dirty. The sex is explicit, larger than life, and there's a lot more going on than Ikea (Tab A going into to Tab B) or Body Part Bingo (cock, cunt, clit, etc.). My sex scenes are kind of Krav Maga. That is, the characters tend to use whatever's at hand to enhance the experience. Whether that's a cold beer bottle or a showerhead, a St. Andrews cross or their partners' minds depends on the story.

Unless they're explicitly billed as romance, they might not be. I love love stories. And love is always important in my books, but not all of them are happily ever after stories. Sometimes that's because HEA and series characters don't mix well. Sometimes it's because I don't believe all people are or should be monogamous. 

They might be paranormal (probably), or science/speculative fiction (possibly) or suspense (likely). They might have mythological beings, magical ones, cowboys, or just plain humans. Rarely, they'll have only men, but you can pretty much count on a book by Allie Berg being heroine-driven. 

In the end, I think the answer to the question of what you'll find in a book by me is, "It depends on who you are." Everyone brings their own expectations and understandings to the things they read. What might be funny for one is poignant for someone else.

What remains true, regardless of who you are, is that I hope you find something wonderful and unexpected in my books. I hope that I surprise you without failing to satisfy you. And I hope you come back for the next one.

Ciao belle,