Eostre's Baskets: A New Dawn


Length: Novel

Format: Ebook


Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Light Suspense

Content: M/F, sexually explicit, mild kink

Related Titles: Eostre's Baskets collection, especially Kick the Past

Can it be read as a standalone? Yes.

Price: $5.99

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A New Dawn (Eostre's Baskets #9)


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Amnesiac Essie Sundae has no idea that her psychically-inspired Easter baskets have antagonized treacherous supernatural entities. Or that her new lover is anything other than the identity-challenged shape-shifter he claims to be. To Essie, he’s the answer to her loneliness and, if she dares to trust him, possible help in filling in her blanks in her memory.

Xavier Cassidy, aka Rule 34, the soon-to-be god of internet porn, made an ill-advised deal to get help with his little identity problem. Now, he has no choice but to ‘recover’ a priceless treasure from Essie, even though he’s gone and fallen head over fins, heels or claws for the supernatural beauty who seems to have no idea who she is.

When new threats arise, imperiling Essie’s entire existence, Xav’s true nature is revealed. She needs his help more than ever, and he’ll risk his more-or-less immortal life to give it to her -- if she’ll let him.

But Xav’s not the only one who’ll have to sacrifice for Essie to make their sexily ever after.


Seated at the rail of the Kalapaki Beach Hut, the shape-shifting supernatural calling himself Xavier Cassidy sipped the Kona blend that, until this morning, had been the primary perk of being on a case on Kauai. Now the black brew tasted charred and tarry beside the apricot, honey, and musk of the woman he’d eaten before breakfast. As appetizing as his Loco Moco platter--rice, hamburger, egg, and brown gravy--was, he figured he’d have traded it straight up for another taste of Essie Sundae. 

No one he’d ever been with tasted like the beauty he’d had wrapped around his face. No lie, he could’ve eaten her all morning, fucked her on his tongue until her screams went hoarse. He wouldn’t be forgetting the look of her either. Big, firm homegrown tits pointing skyward, dirty-pink nipples hard and skywriting oh gods, yes with every heaving breath. Strong thighs splayed away from his shoulders, wanton, and...no shit, he could swear her damp coppery-blonde hair caught fire, or at least caught the light in a way that looked like fire, a nimbus of red-gold flame. 

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Reviews and Praise

Put A NEW DAWN on your spring reading list ASAP! This is a funny and sexy romp through the islands of Hawaii and the idea of Mount Olympus, with gods and goddesses wreaking havoc on one another in the juiciest possible ways! -- Delta, The Romance Reviews, 5 star review & Top Pick

The Romance Review

This Spring, open your hearts and your minds to a little Hawaiian style romance with a touch of mythology--read A New Dawn by Allie Berg--you won't regret it one bit. -- C. Misiak, 5 star review at Amazon.com

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