Two Touching Reviews for A New Dawn

I’m so excited about the reviews for A New Dawn that I can’t even form proper sentences about them. It’s kinda awesome and super-inspiring. (Good thing. I’ve got an early June deadline for a paranormal firefighter named Ezra. 😉 Not gonna do the humble-brag thing, not even. Just gonna bask in the glow of feeling awesome.

On Amazon & Loose Id, Theresa L. Ryder says:

This story has super hot sex scenes and an edge of your seat HEA ending in a beautifully done Hawai’ian setting. It’s a perfect beach book, with more than enough plot to go with the super hot sex to keep my brain engaged along with my libido.

And fellow Eostre’s Baskets author Pia Veleno says:

I rarely read heterosexual romance stories. I couldn’t even finish the Black Dagger Brotherhood that everyone seems to love. This, however – the fiery Essie, her mysterious male suitor, the mo’o who wanted them both off her island, and even Smithy, the lame sort-of-feral boar – this story, its magic and all its characters, kept me reading despite the girl bits…. this is a book I can recommend to anyone who likes a bit of magic mixed in with their doses of sexy.

Disclaimer: Pia received a free copy from me in the hope of an honest review.

Thanks, Theresa & Pia!