Orthodox Jewish Women: Boudoir Photography

Orthodox Jewish Women: Boudoir Photography

In the Boudoir with Orthodox Jewish Women

This boudoir photography celebrates the eroticism of Orthodox marriages, using sensuality and suggestion rather than blatant sexual imagery. What’s off-limits in public–even wearing the hair uncovered–becomes a beautiful gift when appropriately shared in private.

While I’ve got problems with the treatment of women in Orthodox Judaism, the photographs in these articles have an appealing gentleness. You can feel that the photographers revere the trust being put in them and care that their results please their clients on a spiritual level.

“As observant Jews, we believe our sexuality is private and sacred,” Sigala, 26, says. “And since that part of ourselves is so holy, when we express ourselves within that realm, we can connect on a higher level – not just with ourselves, but with our husbands, and with God.”

The article and the photographs are giving me a new way to think about the purpose of the sensual in my current writing project. I’d decided that sex didn’t belong in it, because it’s 12th century Judaism in England; now I’m seeing how I can use it to reveal new dimensions of my characters and their conflicts.