On Sale Now! Eostre’s Baskets: A New Dawn

Eostre’s Baskets: A New Dawn


Amnesiac Essie Sundae has no idea that her psychically-inspired Easter baskets have antagonized treacherous supernatural entities. Or that her new lover is anything other than the identity-challenged shape-shifter he claims to be. To Essie, he’s the answer to her loneliness and, if she dares to trust him, possible help in filling in her blanks in her memory.

Xavier Cassidy, aka Rule 34, the soon-to-be god of internet porn, made an ill-advised deal to get help with his little identity problem. Now, he has no choice but to ‘recover’ a priceless treasure from Essie, even though he’s gone and fallen head over fins, heels or claws for the supernatural beauty who seems to have no idea who she is.

When new threats arise, imperiling Essie’s entire existence, Xav’s true nature is revealed. She needs his help more than ever, and he’ll risk his more-or-less immortal life to give it to her — if she’ll let him.

But Xav’s not the only one who’ll have to sacrifice for Essie to make their sexily ever after.

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What People are Saying

A riveting tale of love, reflection and new beginnings. — Ditter Kellen, USA Today Recommended Author of The Seeker

Sensuality is hotter than raw sex? I never believed it until I read New Dawn.  Berg’s exquisite writing bursts with sensual delights at every turn, and the result is one extremely juicy read. — Iris Astres, Bestselling Author of The Body House

A New Dawn captures the beauty and magic of the Hawaiian Islands in this sexy adventure I didn’t want to put down! — Kele Moon, Bestselling Author of the Battered Hearts series

Smooth writing, witty dialogue and scorching hot love scenes combine to make this book a must read. — Madeline Pryce, USA Today Recommended Author of the Dark series

A sexy blend of paranormal, deities and thrills which leave you wanting even more. Personally, I’m still waiting for my own personal basket, but can you blame me after reading this book? — Cynnara Tregarth, Author of Pirate Queen’s Rebellion

If you like a smart, sassy and sexy read that has heat and heart, then grab this book now!  Allie Berg weaves a tale that will keep you glued to the pages (in between turning up the AC)! — Syneca Featherstone, Original Syn Design

A New Dawn is a sensual, sultry story of love, hope, and renewed life. I found myself  laughing, crying, and cheering for Essie and Xav to find their sexily ever after with each other. And oh yes, Smithy ROCKS! — Karen “MT” Williams, part-owner Loose Id