Allie Berg hates talking about herself in the third person. It makes her feel crazier than she already is, so the rest of this is in the first person.

I live in Boulder, Colorado, in a house called Looking Glass Keep with fellow author Lily Edwards, and write in a basement known as the Wonderland Scriptorium. Currently, the Keep is under siege by 6 squirrels — Rocky, Natasha, Boris, Alexi, Lucifer, Bullwinkle and an as yet unnamed rabbit. I write about the women I’d love to be, the men I’d want to do, and the worlds I wish I could see. Who tops, who bottoms, who with, how many, and what kind depends entirely on the story, but I love Alpha males, Alpha females, relationships that heal and helping readers get their heart ons.

Since you’re here, you probably wanted to know something about me. Even though some of my characters are telepaths, I’m not, so I don’t know what that is. Fire away!