Essie notes: Hawk and Joe



On the phone, on hold. Trying to find alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily, means prosperity, but also friendship, which is the key here; Sesha needs Kellan to be her friend first) anywhere in April can be a stretch. But in Northern Canada? Easier to find hospitality in Sodom. (I tried to find an inn one time, and had to stay in a stable…wait, that’s someone else’s story.)

Oh, that’s perfect. That postcard…it’s what Hawk needs, absolutely. To love himself first. Poor thing can’t find a decent man to save his life, but the right one is going to knock on his door. Joe’s perfect, but Hawk’s got too much baggage.

A little erotica, a few sex toys, a reminder magnet–

Alstroemeria found. This is all going to work out even better than I could’ve hoped.

(Hawk and Joe are from Pia Veleno‘s Eostre’s Baskets: Solo Flight, now available from Loose Id and on the ARe bestseller list. Essie is from my own Eostre’s Baskets: A New Dawn, coming April 18.)