Essie notes: Gabby and Austin

Tuesday after Easter

Paolo and Clarissa invited me, well, us, to their wedding. Isn’t that sweet? Of course we’ll go. That is, if Xav’s not busy. He hasn’t really worked out what he’ll be doing yet, now that the two-faced snake is out of our hair.

It took me awhile to figure it out, way back when. It’s taking me awhile this second time around, too. Sundae’s is great. I’m sure I won’t stop doing it, but I’m considering taking on a partner. There’s more I can do with my powers. Like helping couples who want to get pregnant. Or starting bee gardens, regrowing cleared rain forest, or wildfire burns… bringing light to those who just need a little push to make it through ’til dawn.

I’ll never give up the baskets, though. Even if I stop doing them on commission. I love my clients. All of them. I’m sure I’ll keep checking in on them all from time to time. I know I probably shouldn’t think especially about any of them, but I can’t help it. Goddesses have always had favorites. I’m trying to avoid our bad habits, but I can’t seem to shake this one.

Dear Paolo and Clarissa, of course, but they’re less favorites than I’m their patron goddess. Clarissa says prayers to me at dawn now. Strangely, it’s the ones who don’t believe, the ones I refused to tell that I’ll watch over the longest.

Gabby and Austin. Her faith is in the Christ and his blessed mother. Usually, I wouldn’t intervene. It’s gauche to meddle with another god’s mortals. But Gabby came to me. She asked for my help. If you want to get technical about it, she didn’t know that’s what she did, but I couldn’t stand idly by. That’d be like watching a a child walk into a street in front of a–

Oh, Kapueo. My poor friend. 

That would be like watching Snidely Whiplash tie Nell to the railroad tracks and doing nothing to help her. (Not that Dudley, that unbelievable idiot did a whole lot more.) Or maybe watching her tie herself up. Because that’s what Gabby had done.

Austin, dear heart, was a jackass, it’s true. Gabby had every reason to be angry with him. To break things off. And Austin, if he’d had a single functioning brain cell ought to have gone after her. But Gabby…Gabby what were you thinking taking that job? Even if Austin hadn’t been involved, it couldn’t possibly have ended well.

So what’s a goddess to do? (Even if she didn’t technically know she was a goddess at the time.) She, I, did what I had to do to help Austin save the poor girl. Just like I told them, no one throws promise rings into the ocean in the absence of passion. They needed a second chance. A new beginning. And now they have one.

Plus, Austin asked how the fuck I got his rings back. How was I supposed to not love them?

(Gabby and Austin are from Lily Edwards’ Eostre’s Baskets: Kick the Past, now available from Loose Id, Amazon, ARe and others. Paolo and Clarissa, Xav and Essie are from my own Eostre’s Baskets: A New Dawn, coming April 15!

Note: Essie’s opinions not to be construed as my opinions. All of the couples in the Eostre’s Baskets collection are my favorites.)

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