Essie blogs: Mairin and Finn

after Easter 2014

Xav’s asleep, or powered down or whatever it is that he does when he seems to be asleep. I’d stay in bed — and who wouldn’t with six foot four, two hundred and fifteen pounds of a purring lion of a man waiting for her? — but an order came in last night, and the story wound its tendrils around my heart and won’t let go.

A man cheating on the woman he’s sworn to love and cherish is bad enough. Cheating on her with her best friend is appalling. No matter what was wrong in their relationship, there’s absolutely no excuse. If Xav slept with Mo–without me there, anyhow–I would scatter his data back to his beginnings. Not that he ever would.

Mairin might’ve thought that once. Everyone who falls in love does. I have faith in Xav. I need to find someone who Mairin will believe in. Someone who will love her with genuine passion and devotion. For the rest of her life.

It’s harder with her. She’s so far in the future my truesight is tenuous. I’m going to have to get some help to arrange the details. Xav can help me send a message to future self. Now I’ll just have to find the right person for her.

A man. Mmm. Not just any man. A Bod. Oh, yes. I can see him. Such a beautiful man. And kind. Finn. He’s been waiting for someone like her, and he’ll give her everything she needs and then some, and her cheating bestie can choke on her envy.

(Mairin and Finn are from Iris Astres’s truly delightful Eostre’s Baskets: Hot Bod in a Basket, available now at Loose Id, Amazon, ARe. Essie and Xav are from my Eostre’s Baskets: A New Dawn, coming April 15.)