Essie Blogs: Jeff and Ash from Rabbit Wars

dated Palm Sunday

Such a sweet old dear, Dalton Rabbit. I wish I’d been around when it was his time. I hate to see a man with so much to give spend his life alone. But at least he’ll have the satisfaction of knowing Jeff and Ash won’t end up like he did. Assuming everything goes well.

As much as a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn’t assume that it would. But today, just this morning, I remembered something. I remembered something about me. I might have had a little help, if Loverboy is as “different” as he seems to be. Time will tell. Still, it’s… I can’t even believe it. After all this time, to finally have a glimpse of my past.

I don’t know what to make of it yet. I don’t want to hang too much on it. It’s much too soon to say it means what I think it might mean without risking getting turned into a tree or worse by some pissed off divinity. I’m hopeful though. I wish I could remember his name, that man who gave me the key…

I wonder what Jeff will remember. What will trigger it? Will it be the bunny on the box? Or the chocolates in the old foils that I was so lucky to find. Collectors are such a godsend. I swear they’re like porn. If you can think of it, someone collects it. It’s never who you’d expect, either. And Stephanie McKenna just handed them over. She told me, they’d been a good luck charm more or less, while her husband went to war. The last chocolates he bought her. Since he’d come home safe, ages ago, she only cared that they go to someone who would value them.

Jeff will. I’m sure of it. He never really wanted to leave Ash. And Ash never really wanted him to leave. But small towns and big secrets don’t mix. Neither do small towns and gay men, often enough. But they won’t have any trouble with that now. As long as Jeff doesn’t get stubborn and refuse to go back to Crooked Creek, I’m pretty sure that Ash and his incredible chocolates (next year, I think I’ll order from him) will do the rest.

(Dalton, Jeff, Ash and the chocolates are from Whitley Gray’s wonderful, Eostre’s Baskets: Rabbit Wars available now from Loose Id.)