Essie blogs: Carrie and Dean

Palm Sunday, evening

Carrie and Dean have love. They know they’re meant to be together. But they still can’t quite make it work. Dean doesn’t see it, he doesn’t know what’s wrong, and Carrie doesn’t know how to say it without going up in flames. The dragon complicates things, but it’s Carrie’s trust issues that are the bigger problem.

I’ve been struggling with this. Looking for the right vehicle to get them *talking*. Dean’s willing. He won’t make it a chore. But he has no idea where to start. I’m not sure Carrie even knows what she needs to talk about. A couple of Mai Tais, or some sangria, tequila would be best–and instructions to act like nosy friends…to ask anything and everything, no holds barred, nothing off limits and too drunk to lie.

I can’t bottle drunk and open, or willing vulnerability, but I can give them a list of questions. Boring, but essential. There’s go to be a way to liven it up without alcohol. Chocolate won’t hurt. Maybe a game.

Snap out of it, Eostre. Stop thinking about him. You’re never going to see him again. Dean and Carrie need your help.

(Dean and Carrie are from Selena Illyria‘s Eostre’s Baskets: Stacking the Deck, available now from Loose Id. Essie is from my own Eostre’s Baskets: A New Dawn, coming April 15.)