Essie blogs: Carlos and Red from Undercover Cruising

dated Spy Wednesday

I finally got ahold of Danny again, from the cruise ship. He confirmed that he had the key card and the basket ready to deliver to Carlos, like I asked. Such a sweetheart. I’ll have to do something nice for him, when his time comes. I’ve already seen him, the prettiest drag queen this side of the equator, but “Sadie’s” act won’t be booked on the ship for six months yet. I’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

Danny and Sadie will be simple, not like Carlos and Red. No threats to either of their lives, no misunderstandings, no critically time-dependent deliveries. Just a straightforward love affair that depends on Danny giving Sadie something he’s been wanting for a long time.

Then again, other than the timing and the danger, Carlos and Red are pretty simple. They’ve been attracted to each other for months. They’d have found each other without me. But they might lose each other without me, too. Carlos will have what he needs. I’ve seen to it. It’s still up to him to trust it.

I hope he does. I’ve seen the ending where he doesn’t. It’s heart-breaking, and Red’s never the same again. I’m almost sure he will. Trust it, that is. There are dozens of different reasons for him to take action and only one not to.

It’s situations like this one that make me worry about promising a sexily ever after. What if I fail? What if someone or something else intervenes and lands Red in even more trouble? I have to accept I’ve done everything I can, and now, all I can do is hope and wait for tomorrow.

(Carlos and Red are from Cheryl Dragon’s Eostre’s Baskets: Undercover Cruising, available at Loose Id, 3/11)