Deplorables, Hypocrites, and the Liberal Dilemma

Deplorables, Hypocrites, and the Liberal Dilemma

Good But Not Nice: Deplorables, Hypocrites, and the Liberal Dilemma

I’ve spent DAYS, months, YEARS not saying what I think about politics, sex, a dozen other things so I don’t offend, alienate, or hurt people…the same people who don’t give a good goddamn if their behavior hurts someone else (me). This is the liberal dilemma. The fight to be inclusive, means letting assholes be assholes.

The other day, Hillary did something ugly. She called a spade a spade. No, it isn’t *nice* to call half of Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.” But I’m starting to think, like Sondheim’s Cinderella, that it might be good.

Because, let’s face it. There really isn’t another word for people who think that “extreme vetting” of Muslim people, “stop and frisk”, and automatically slobbering “inner city” when a black man asks you a question are genuine solutions to anything. People go to jail for forcing sexual attentions on nonconsenting women, and I promise you if anyone ever grabbed ME by the pussy, being called deplorable is the nicest thing that would happen to them. Frankly, I suspect I’d be the one who ended up in jail in that scenario, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this election cycle.

Let’s be good, not nice, and tell the truth. Let’s suppose that everything Trump says about Clinton is true and vice versa, and then ask ourselves who we’d vote for.

Hillary’s a warmonger. And Trump supported the war in Iraq.

Hillary deleted 35,000 emails after directed not to by a US court. Trump lets all his emails, tweets, and (possibly legal) avoidance of taxes hang out. But lies about his bankruptcies and businesses.

Hillary savaged a group of women who accused her husband of sexual assaulting them. Trump grabbed women by the pussy, kissed them without their consent, ran a modeling agency that’s been repeatedly accused of sexual trafficking (and Barbara Boxer has called for an Senate investigation). And calls much of it “locker room banter”.

Hillary’s friends with bad guys (all of whom seem to be Jewish) who make a lot of money. Trump is friends with Vladimir Putin and John Casablancas, a modeling “guru” who openly engaged in sexual relationships with and expressed a preference for very young women and may have gotten away with several murders.

Hillary engages in pay to play politics and uses some of the money donated to the Clinton Foundation for her own benefit. Trump has filed bankruptcy multiple times and stiffed lots of people who performed labor for him.

This list goes on. Feel free to mentally add all the statements I’ve left out. But now look at the balance sheet.

Most of Trump’s allegations against Clinton amount to “she’s a hypocrite.” I’ll add that she’s also shamed, triggered, and disrespected a lot of people carelessly. A fairly substantive argument can be amassed that he’s no less of a hypocrite than she. He also alleges that she’s a liar. So’s he. And whatever can be said about Trump’s insults and triggering (lurking behind a woman speaking out about your impropriety, what?), it’s only careless in the sense that he genuinely doesn’t give a fuck if he offends or frightens you.

She’s a warmonger–against people who are more than arguably a danger to large segments of the human race. He’s personally declared war on Muslim people and half the population (women, if you’re not following). She savaged a group of women who attacked her husband (normally we call that loyalty or hurt feelings) and hypocritically disbelieved their charges of sexual assault (I’m not going to name them because sexual assault is horrific enough without being dragged out in the name of politics). He’s savaged women who have next to nothing to do with him – Alicia Machado, Rosie O’Donnell, Megyn Kelly, Kristen Stewart, Carla Bruni, Ariana Huffington, Gail Collins, Sara Jessica Parker, Ruth Bader Ginsburg…oh, and paraded the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault in front of the cameras–to attack *Hillary* Clinton to save his flagging political campaign.

Both of them have lied/misbehaved/misled people in their areas of expertise (politics for her, business for him). She deleted emails, many of which may have been classified (instead of letting them become quasi-public knowledge, hmmm). He stiffed thousands of workers of money that was rightfully theirs.

Even if you believe every terrible thing about Hillary Clinton (some of which are actually about her husband), if you believe even half of the terrible things about Donald Trump, your choice basically boils down to a woman who fights nastily and carelessly to protect what matters to her but otherwise engages in a war for social justice and human rights and a man who fights nastily because he does and has never done a day of public service in his life.

Hillary Clinton called a spade a spade. If you believe a man who thinks it’s okay, even in a locker room, to say he’s grabbed women by their genitalia, who has declared personal wars on women who say not-nice things about him (which, by the way, is the substance of his campaign against, surprise, a woman who says not nice things about him), is a better choice for president than a woman who has dedicated her life to public service and admittedly done some pretty unpleasant things… that’s your right. But if you believe those things are okay or you’d do them yourself, she’s right. That is deplorable.

Hillary should have said that the attitudes were deplorable and left the people out of it. But her mistake is pretty much every liberal’s dilemma.

* * *

PS – I ran out of stamina for linking everything. Google works just as well for everyone as it does for me.

PPS – If you don’t like my politics, you probably won’t like me or my books anyway.

PPPS – No, Mr. Trump, immigrants do not increase crime rates. In fact, first and second generation immigrants have consistently been proven to engage in LESS criminal delinquency than their nativeborn peers (studies from 2000 and 2015, for example).

PPPPS – As deflective as it sounded, Hillary Clinton was telling the truth about public and private faces and “the Lincoln thing“, not to be confused with Mr. Pence’s Mexican Thing or his LGBT thing.

PPPPPS – Don’t troll. I’m not interested in the hate in your heart. Only the use of your brain.