Bookrace 2014: Books 46-50

The Iron Duke Meljean Brook Steampunk
On the Edge Ilona Andrews Fantasy
Scarlet Marissa Meyer YA
Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City Meljean Brook Steampunk
Riveted Meljean Brook Steampunk

Meljean Brook’s novels of the Iron Seas are phenomenal. She’s created an entire world that’s more real to me than ours. I’m fascinated by both the setting and the characters, and her amazing audacity in using a POC heroine and a differently-abled hero in Riveted. I wouldn’t have picked something like that up if I were searching in straight romance, but not only does she pull it off, but she does it majestically. I’m enthralled and enjoying the hell out of the remainder of the series, even though I took a break for some mystery.

Scarlet is a neat retelling of Red Ridinghood, and Meyer manages to weave it beautifully into the framework of Cinder. Again, really terrific worldbuilding, even if there are some empty spaces in the world still. I’m looking forward to Cress.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ilona Andrews’s On the Edge. It’s genre unclassifiable for one thing, and for another, I never really got into her Magic series. The Edge series is a wonderful surprise. Well-woven, interesting, stubborn-as-hell heroine, and kind of a neat premise. The author has passion for it, and I’ll definitely keep reading.