Book #22, Donna Leon’s Death in a Strange Country

Unlike the last book, I don’t have a ton to say about Donna Leon’s Death in a Strange Country. It’s a better-than-competent mystery, an enjoyable read of a quintessentially Venetian character, researched well enough not to make me cringe. That seems damning when I hardly mean it to be. The Guido Brunetti series, of which this is #2 is like lunch with a good friend. Comforting, warm, and welcome. Perhaps it’s less scintillating than lunch with a brand new crush or less electrifying than meeting a soulmate or an old enemy, but it’s no less treasured for being already reliable.

If you like not-quite-cozy police procedural series, I’d recommend the series. It’s definitely worth the read.


On my “nightstand”, Michael Siemsen’s The Dig and Marissa Meyer’s Scarlet.